Business seminars

Business seminars

1. The team in harmony; 2. Leader and leadership potential; 3. Psychology of successful sales; 4. Techniques for manipulation and protection against them; 5. Technique for successful negotiations; 6. Successful conflict resolution!

The titles mentioned are thematic nuclei that can be expanded or specified, and may be modified or set in time.

Two-day package - 166 BGN per person

Package rates include:
- two nights
- two breakfast buffet
- conducting your chosen or selected lectures by a professional lecturer (6 hours)
- coffee break
- 2 dinners at Izvora tavern
- 10% discount on purchase from the Art Shop souvenir shop
- 10% discount on all spa treatments
- High-speed WiFi internet at all points of the hotel
- use of private parking lot

Additional terms:
* Third and fourth person accommodated in a studio or apartment, pay 80BGN for the entire stay
* Adult on extra bed, pay extra 90 BGN for the entire stay