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The village of Arbanasi is located in close proximity to the medieval capital of Veliko Tarnovo. Founded in the 15th century by Orthodox Greeks, Albanians and Macedonian Bulgarians, the settlement reached its bloom in the 17th century.

Because of its unique charm, its unique architectural monuments and climatic features, in 1921, with royal decree the village of Arbanassi was declared a resort, and in 2000, for "Historic Settlement" of national importance.

The houses with more than 300 years of history are preserved in their authentic form and strike with their unique architecture, carving and art gypsum ornaments.

Five churches and two monasteries, built and icon painted at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century, are preserved in the territory of the village of Arbanasi.

One of the miraculous icons of God's Mother is kept in the Assumption of the Assumption.

The village of Arbanassi offers a unique opportunity for immediate contact with real masterpieces in the architecture, interior design and church painting from the 16th - 17th centuries.